Award-winning, youth-led, international not-for-profit organization advancing gender health equity through storytelling, patient advocacy, medical education, and undoing stigma​.

Our Portfolios

Medical Education

Patient Advocacy

Undoing Stigma

The Medical Education portfolio aims to bring awareness to healthcare students and professionals about the gender biases that exist within the health system. As well, we educate practitioners about the institutional and structural gender inequalities that exist and shape healthcare today. Our hope is to encourage future and current practitioners across all genders to become more aware of the gender biases they hold, and allow them to reflect and improve their medical interactions with their patients. Through educational mediums, storytelling and outreach events, we seek to highlight marginalized and unheard voices within the medical curriculum to advance comprehensive and compassionate care for all.

The Patient Advocacy portfolio strives to empower and support individuals navigating health, wellness, and medical care within an anti-sexist framework. It looks critically at how advocacy in healthcare is affected by systems of gender inequity. It does so through education initiatives, creating space for storytelling, and providing tools to help folx of all genders advocate for themselves and others. The Patient Advocacy portfolio understands that care is holistic, and therefore advocacy must be as well. For this reason, our projects range from panels to social media campaigns to self-care events. 

The Undoing Stigma portfolio seeks to challenge the social processes that label and stereotype women, genderqueer, BIPOC and disabled people’s bodies. Stigma creates self-perpetuating conditions that silence people and make them afraid of vocalizing their lived experiences. Through workshops, storytelling and social media campaigns, our team is dedicated to challenging our society’s stigmatizing beliefs and ending this silence. In particular, we believe that creative expression is a powerful tool through which one can learn to express themselves outside of oppressive norms and therefore liberate their conscience. 

The Team

University Representatives

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Tori Ford

Founder & Executive Director

Kainaz Gandhi

Director of Operations

Meghana Reddy

Director of Strategy

Ellen Anderson

Director of HR

Steve Cheldy Assoé

Creative Director

Melissa Kuch

Board Member

Ashlee Pereira-Buchanan

Board Member

Jassica Enum

Director of Finance

Nick Bauer

Director of Research

Corina Staniloiu

Director of Outreach

Julia Handfield

Director of Publishing

Alessia Ibba

Director of Events

Vesela Ivanova

Director of Workshops

Olivia Marotta

Co-Director of Media

Emma Margie

Co-Director of Media

Sarah Ford

Director of Editing


Exceptional achievement and
commitment to positive social change.
Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Award
University of Cambridge
Demonstrated excellence, leadership,
dedication and perseverance.
Scarlet Key Award
McGill University

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