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The Carillon

Medical Herstory and Reform in the Healthcare System

McGill Tribune

Feminist Health Research Conference Highlights Gender Inequities in Medicine

Cambridge Hub

Medical Herstory: Rewriting the Narrative of Women's Health

McGill Tribune

Exploring Women's Health in McGill's First Annual Women's Week

McGill Tribune

Illuminating Medical Herstory


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Part of Tori: Chronic Yeast Infections

Still Positive Podcast

Eliminating Medical Sexism, Shame, and Stigma

The Gen Z Podcast

Let's Talk about Chronic Yeast Infections

Ladies Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk about Positive Results

Ladies Let's Talk About Sex

Medical Herstory Episode 1

Taking it All Off

Medical Herstory Episode 2

Taking it All Off

Working to Improve Healthcare for Women

CBC Radio

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