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Medical Herstory engages individuals in conversations on eliminating sexism, shame, and stigma from health experiences through our workshops and events. 
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My Story, My Body, My Voice

Part 2: My Body

My Body is an art therapy workshop designed to guide participants to explore their body & mind connection through creativity and mindfulness. The aim of the workshop is for participants to gain confidence in sitting with the internal experiences and to learn how to care for them whenever they arise in a compassionate way. This is a beginner level workshop, so there is no expectation that participants must have any prior experience with visual arts, art therapy, or mindfulness!


Our Workshop Curriculum

Medical Education

How medical students can recognize and address gender bias 
Topics Covered:
Defining gender health inequity
Implicit and institutional bias
Facilitating collaborative care

Patient Advocacy

How to advocate for yourself and others within healthcare
Topics Covered:
The trust and research gap in medicine
How to handle medical dismissal 
Fostering resilience 

Undoing Stigma

How to reclaim your story
Topics Covered:
How to write a story you are living
Using narrative to help heal trauma

Addressing internalized stigma

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If you’re interested in hosting an online event or workshop on gender health experiences, patient-centered care, or challenging shame and stigma we would love to hear from you!

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